Birgitte Wilms

Native to Denmark, Birgitte Wilms is a national and international award-winning underwater photographer. Her work is published in National Geographic, LIFE magazine, and countless other publications. Her work is currently part of the museum exhibit in the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C. She is the co-author of the award-winning coffee table book, “In a Sea of Dreams.” She was inducted into the Women Divers Hall of Fame in 2002. 

Birgitte spent decades in the ocean photographing and leading underwater photographic expeditions. Her focus is on children’s projects. She strives to show the ocean environment and its inhabitants in colorful and friendly light. “Sparking interest in the ocean from an early age will develop our next generations of ”ocean ambassadors,” Birgitte says. “Our next generations are our hope.”

In 2021 her Swimalong™ Series was released.

She is the founder of AboveBelowBeyond Publishing, LLC.

Birgitte is also a breast cancer survivor and thriver. Her book “Live Well beyond Breast Cancer” was an Amazon Bestseller in several categories. She is the author and creator of the Swimalong™ Series and is currently working on a trilogy, a Christmas book, and a screenplay.

Birgitte is the CEO and founder of AboveBelowBeyond Publishing.

Birgitte lives in New Hampshire with her family, 20 horses, and 3 dogs. She loves to photograph wild and domesticated animals alike, above and below the surface.

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Kokonini Farm in New Hampshire is home for Birgitte. There is lots of

room for my family, our pets and wildlife to roam. Peace, inspiration

and gratitude is easy to find here.

Please come meet us all!

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All photos were taken with 35 mm film. Kind of old fashioned. Here is my light table where I do all my editing, get inspired and choose the best possible images for my project, books, puzzles… A bit messy :-)

Birgitte is a cancer survivor and thriving. It was a life altering experience, and she wrote a book about her journey. “Live Well beyond Breast Cancer” was an Amazon Bestseller. To order an autographed copy, click below.