Please meet 

Please meet

Piloto and Pako

The two blenny friends who meet after a brave journey on the coral reef.  

And many more adventures and discoveries to come…….

The trilogy scheduled for release in Spring 2022

Other  fun projects to come from Birgitte, and she says:

“I am very excited about my upcoming story, which is ideal for a screenplay.  I am not telling any of the details, but what I can tell you, it is about the ocean, well sort of…………..

It is really about a powerful girl who loves the ocean, and she discovers she has magical powers and she puts them to use…

Stay tuned!!!”

“So excited about my Christmas book on the reef. This book will not be supported with my  photographs, and I am looking  for an illustrator. At this time, I have found  two I am interested to partner with.

This is very new for me, and I am thrilled!”

Also stay tuned for : Puzzles, low content books. coloring books…………………

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