“Live Well beyond Breast Cancer” was an Amazon bestseller.

Many breast cancer survivors have benefitted from reading the book, as well as the caretakers, partners, sisters and friends of cancer survivors.

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I have never, ever read a book that took me to places where I needed to go after being on the cancer journey myself. This book touches up on all the different areas of a difficult path, yet makes us better people. This book was so personable it made me feel like I was sitting across the table with a cup of coffee chatting with the author. This book is a milestone in my life and it will help tons of people,     

Willy Holland

As a trainer and teacher of breast cancer survivors I understand the potential impact of cancer therapy, especially surgery and chemotherapy, in putting cancer patients at increased risk of injury and other complications, such as lymphedema, from exercise. None of this allows me however to speak to my participants as someone who has endured the experiences that have brought them to me. I personally am enjoying sharing this book with my participants and their families. Knowledge allows for there to be a common thread amongst survivors and their caregivers. Deda’s healing isn’t over, yet what a powerful message she sends to those who read her story. Is there opportunity for richness beyond the cancer cloud, Deda thinks so and I believe you will find it too.

Your PAL, 

Erin Buck, Founder and Program Director at PAL

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