AboveBelowBeyond Publishing’s Mission 

We create publications and materials for children that will inspire and engage their imagination and curiosity. We strive to support children’s well-being, and build their inner strengths and sense of self worth. 

It is this company’s mission to support our next generations in knowing they can make a difference starting at an early age. We hold space for the children to fully engage and discover the wonders of nature.

AboveBelowBeyond Publishing provides hope for a bright future through education and fun. Our belief is that all life, big and small, above and below the surface, should be cherished, and that there is still hope for all creations to prosper and thrive.

It is our mission to share, donate and invest in one another, especially our future generations, our ocean, and it’s ambassadors. We are all connected!

Lionfish Reef, Marovo Lagoon, Solomon Islands 

©Birgitte Wilms

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